Feb 11 2024


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm



TAMALE SALE Benefiting the Eastern Farm Workers Association’s WINTER SURVIVAL CAMPAIGN

Tamales will be delivered on Sunday, February 11th during coffee hour.

Make a donation here.

EASTERN FARM WORKERS ASSOCIATION (EFWA) is an all-volunteer unincorporated membership association of farm workers and other low-income workers in Suffolk County. Every winter our members face an untenable “choice” of whether to heat their homes or feed their children. For others it’s a “choice” between paying the rent or seeing a doctor. EFWA members help each other meet some of our daily survival needs through EFWA’s year-roundmembership benefit program while we fight to end government policies that have led to job losses, poverty wages, home foreclosures, utilityshutoffs and denial of health care.

The event is finished.